[OLD] For want of a toilet, a Mumbai boy had to die

2022.01.23 09:45 dheerajdeekay [OLD] For want of a toilet, a Mumbai boy had to die

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2022.01.23 09:45 erer1243 Currently, it's January 23, 2022 at 07:45AM

Currently, it's January 23, 2022 at 07:45AM
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2022.01.23 09:45 kchuen Returning player first time mapper need some guidance

Hi, I played the game 6/7 years ago and furthest I got was the first Lab. 3 weeks ago I came back and started playing more seriously.
This time I reached red maps and can clear T16 maps pretty easily. That being said, I find farming currencies very inefficient, these YouTubers can farm 2-3 exalts worth of stuff per hour from any type of farming, Valdo’s, scourged maps, heist or delve even though they didn’t optimize their items/strategy. I find that not to be the case at all for me.
I haven’t been able to beat Siri’s (tried twice and got to the last stage, close but no cigar), and I haven’t got any of the center atlas passives or be able to favourite any of the map. So even when I awaken sextant plus scarab, the maps aren’t really providing me enough loots. How much do favourite and having the atlas passive help with farming? Should I focus on just beating Siri’s for now?
Second for heist, even though almost all my members are maxed at level 5, with decent gear and a trinket with trans to chaos, im just farming maybe 10-20 chaos worth of currencies per hour, (im not really counting essences/fossils and maps as they’re either not that tradable this late in the league or I need to run them myself). It seems like farming with chaos recipe is even more efficient.
I really want to finish Siri’s/Maven/Aul before league ends. What is my best strategy to proceed with atlas and farm more currencies? Buy maps to finish all map objectives to open up favoriting maps, then get better at mechanics to beat Sirus (and subsequent bosses)? I find it very frustrating to have to run all the conquerors again for Sirus… And I feel like I need better gear to beat Sirus but I can’t really more efficient at farming without beating him.
And how much better gear do I need in order to beat all the late game bosses as compared to Sirus? Thank you for your patience. Wish you all good luck in game and in real life.
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2022.01.23 09:44 Hufflepuff_Captain Hi reddit friends, I am posting this to help my friend Carl buy his first saxophone 🙏 for band scholarship

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2022.01.23 09:44 yourFWB__NL Not a real hack wanted

I just got an anonymus mail referring to my Facebookprofile. Does anyone know how I can find out who visite my FB profile?
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2022.01.23 09:44 mexicanitch SBUX sounds like a relative who molested someone and is asking you to say no because your body responded. I watch a lot of SVU.

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2022.01.23 09:44 dcbiker Biden Should Do What Trump Never Could: End America’s Forever Wars

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2022.01.23 09:44 Client_Cryobyte hypixel

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2022.01.23 09:44 bi_bi_bits Thoughts on Xochitl Gomez as America chavez

Ik that some people are hating on the casting but I'm okay with it, the sad part is that the actress herself is 15, and there's nothing wrong with that I would personally love the young avengers to be pretty young, but I'm just sad cause that probably eliminates any form of a America Chavez and Kate bishop love story
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2022.01.23 09:44 barrybilly2 Weirdly this quiz show doesn't have the actual answer as an option.

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2022.01.23 09:44 kachua26 purr purr

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2022.01.23 09:44 JasonVoorhies13 Marvel gourmet shit

"Aliens are invading, what should we do??" said Nick Fury in a cool badass way.
"I got two really cool-looking shock batons." replied Natasha/Black Widow.
"O-o-ok, but they have an armada. Like with laser beams capable of dusting planets. Don't just run at them with sticks"
"I swing these batons very quickly, and also have a gun. I AM A STRONG WOMAN. Did you not remember that scene from Endgame where all the ladies stood by peter parker and said he isn't al-"
"Yes, we all remember that. And canonically speaking, you should be the only one not to but, whatever."
"Maybe I will get a few scars, but I already don't look good in bikinis" she winked at the obligatory previous movie callback.
"B-black widow, we all respect you as a strong heroic feminist icon that was part of the KGB Fembot experiments, but now you are a good guy. I don't think either of those things will help."
"Hop on ship, stun baton the pilot, shoot everyone else off screen so the rating stays PG-13."
"These aliens, they aren't like the ones Thanos sends, or Ronan the Snoozer. They, are like Enders Game level sit. They don't fuck arou-"
Black WIdow disregards whatever the chief is saying and is already running towards the enemy ship. She pulls out her dual stun batons and crosses them, totally necessary, before jumping kinda high. Well, really high for a human, but like, its the mcu, so yeah. She starts to climb the legs of the alien space craft until her flesh is melted off her body via their exceptionally advanced atom deconstructing rays.
The aliens land and go talk to Nick Fury. "Hey, we just want to shop at Trader Joes, we didn't need to kill that leather wearing lady."
"You traveled lightyears... to shop at our Trader Joes???" Nick Fury said while putting on his third leather jacket of the day. Long coat edition of course.
"I have you seen inflation lately?? Trader Joes is all we got. Plus those JOE-JOE'S are to die for," said the aliens as they flew off to the local Trader Joes.
Nick Fury bowed his head. JOE-JOE'S were better than oreoes, and at a great price. How could he disagree? Romanoff died for a worthy cause. Suddenly Nick Fury's pager went off, and it wasn't Captain marvel because whenever aliens come down to earth and there is a potential danger, she somehow at the exact same moment needs to go do something somewhere else, but don't ask her about specifics because she is basically superman with a girlboss OST playing when she does shit (I'm Just a Girl is a Banger tho).
Two weeks later, Nick Fury would get a knock on his door. It is Belova, and her accent is VERY RUSSIAN AND SASSY. "Wher' is Natasha, Mr. Fuhreh?"
Nick scrambled to find his words as he sipped his mourning coffee, it was some real gourmet ship. He knew aliens that didn't abide by plot convenience, and literally will come to Earth just to buy Trader Joes cookies would crush the Avengers easily. He couldn't do that to Natasha's only adopted sister (no your Scarlet witch/black widow fanfic doesn't count).
"Uuuuhhh, ummmm, Clint killed her?" He said raising his good eyebrow.
"Dah' ladee' from seinfeld said the same, but it isn't true."
"Oh, we are that far into phase 4 huh, hmmmm.... uh, well, uh.... Ant-Man did it. Yeah, him."
"Reaullyy? Why??"
"Ants are the natural enemies of spiders," Nick said with no confidence at all.
"Da, duesn't sound right, but ok, I will take my misguidedge revenge out on the man of ants," as Belova ran off thinking to herself 'oh boy, here i go killing again,' Nick called out "WAIT! TAKE THESE!"
He tossed her the dual wielding shock batons, which Bolinda caught. She nodded with confidence "I will torture the man of ants with these... for my sister," she said as she jumped straight up and just disappeared. . Why are normal humans able to do this in in the mcu??
Nick Fury sipped his gourmet shit coffee knowing those batons were actually pool-cues just painted black. He just didn't really give a shit anymore. Why not have the russian lady fight ant-man with pool-cues, it's the fucking MCU, they will say some quirky one liners and become bestfriends in no time.
Godspeed Black Widow Diet, Godspeed.
"Oh, yeah, I almost forgot, it's obligatory I do this shit.... sigh.... mother fu-"
Cuts to credits.
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2022.01.23 09:44 CSpistol77 Helikopter Helikopter but it's in Clash Royale

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2022.01.23 09:44 JLawSanPedro Question!

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2022.01.23 09:44 zhijieyl Roblox banning people for not liking furries! I shared some of your posts on Reddit in this video. Please like and subscribe, thank you very much. Players getting banned on Roblox for not liking furries… https://youtu.be/fPdXsu2CsBo

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2022.01.23 09:44 JohnnyHopkins87 The wait is almost over, My 1/13 PS5 is out for delivery.

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2022.01.23 09:44 MrMooMoo- Calculating the value of a DB plan / Treating it as a perpetuity

Hi all, I'm trying to tackle a real-world problem and it's been a while since I've done and of this kind of calculation, so I'm unsure if I'm doing this right.
Ultra-short background: My employer has a defined benefit pension, and based on the plan administrator, if I retire at 58 years old, which is in 24 years, I'll have a yearly income of $62,286. Which is indexed at 50% to inflation. I'm trying to figure out the value of that pension to decide whether I should take an offer that is offering a significant raise, but doesn't have the same kind of pension plan (my current job also offers me a DC plan, 8% of my salary which the employer matches at 50%, so I have both).
Here is what I did:

  1. I calculated the PV, using an r of 5% and a g of 1%, which gives me $1,557,510 (I treated the cashflow as a perpetuity)
  2. That PV became my FV to figure out what PMT I would need to do for an N of 24 years and an I/Y of 8%, assuming current PV of $0. That came to $26,766. Pre-tax
  3. My marginal tax rate is 43.41%, so simple math shows me that to be even, I need to make an extra $47,298 after-tax (and fully invest that).

Note: The only thing I am not factoring in this calculation is how much is withheld for my contribution to the DB plan, I'll have to check on a paystub on Monday.
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2022.01.23 09:44 nark-_- Custom FM Kits!

Hi, been making FM kits recently, I can make custom kits for you too, £4 for 6 kits. Constructive criticism is appreciated. Thanks!
Here are some examples of my work:
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2022.01.23 09:44 Kidbox How much does gas and electric cost for a 1 bedroom flat at the moment roughly per month and how much do you think it will cost after the April spike?

Hi everyone does anyone know how much does gas and electric cost for a 1 bedroom flat at the moment roughly and how much do you think it will cost after the April spike? I’m looking to move into a 1 bed flat this summer and just looking to calculate my monthly bills thank you
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2022.01.23 09:44 Thumbs_up_101 🙋‍♂️ Shop 🥳 smart with 👉 offer 👍 Get 20% Off Coupon RING22 plus 🆓 Rewards BERRY10 🤗 Thank you for the support ❤️

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2022.01.23 09:44 Total-Investment-328 Do I as a man really have to approach girls ?

Hi guys and ladies what I mean by this is do we really have to approach girls. For example when I am at a night club I was getting numbers here and there or when I was on the street approaching I a was getting some numbers but the girls always play games and at the end they aren’t really interested. They do it because of the attention and validation. What I have noticed at a night club if a girl really likes she will come to you start dancing with etc… Otherwise most of the time you will just get played. I had girls coming to me and those girls in fact were easy to date because they actually Liked me. If I approach at the club the chances are she will give you the number just so you can fuck off then dance and leave with the guy she actually likes then she will either never reply to you block you or just reply and always telling you maybe when you ask her out. Which basically means yea if I am really bored and the guys that I actually LIKE aren’t available I may go out with you. Does anyone agree? I have been out and about and that’s my experience. I am 21 btw. Share your thoughts and let me know what do you think. Again that’s personally how I am finding it to be and in my opinion this the reality I don’t mean to discourage anyone or being negative motherfucka. Much love y’all.
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2022.01.23 09:44 Zabeczko Cat vomiting watery yellow-brown liquid

We have a spayed female, 11 years old, who hasn't had any major health issues before now aside from being on the chubby side.
We've been to the vet several times with her already and my partner will be taking her again tomorrow. I just wanted to see if anyone had an opinion or similar experience, as we're really stuck as to what is wrong and are very worried.
For the past 4-5 weeks she has been vomiting yellow-brown liquid. It seems to happen between 6-12 hours after eating. Depending on the food, length of time, and amount she has drunk, the consistency varies from thick liquid to a semi solid paste. Brown food = brown vomit. If she has only eaten chicken it's more yellowish.
The consistency and time since eating suggest this is at least partially digested vomit as opposed to regurgitated food from eating too quickly or something. Sometimes the vomit contains undigested food from a more recent meal too.
At its most frequent it happens once a day, but sometimes she can go 3-4 days without vomiting. Most notable is the smell, a terrible lingering stench of rotten eggs, bordering on feces. It's also very forceful and violent. Sometimes she is sleeping, suddenly wakes, and projectile vomits, so it doesn't seem to be triggered by stress directly.
From the time this started, we've only witnessed one poo about two weeks ago, so we are worried she may be obstructed somehow. That poo was normal. We have several cats, she doesn't like being enclosed in one room, and we're trying to keep her happy and not stressed; so she has free roam of the house, and it is possible she has done another while we've been sleeping.
She has no trouble urinating but the volume of each wee has increased recently. She might be going a bit less frequently as she has been a little weak and tired, so I don't know if the total amount has increased. She is eating and drinking normally most of the time but has lost a lot of weight since this began. She is quite a good weight now, to be fair, but if this continues she will soon be too thin.
The vet initially prescribed some kind of anti acid, which didn't have any effect. Blood tests haven't shown anything but one slightly elevated level which suggests some kind of kidney issue, but it wasn't major. I don't know the exact detail unfortunately, as my partner has been on the vet visits and has not written it down.
She was a little dehydrated when she last went, which I guess is to be expected after vomiting so much. Otherwise the vet can't find anything wrong with her - no issues with her teeth or gums, no noticeable abdominal pain or swelling.
We can't find a pattern in what we feed her or anything like that which is causing the vomit on some days and not on others. None of our other cats have ever vomited in this way, so it's probably not some contagious disease.
We've already tried cutting all dry food and treats, feeding grain free foods with different protein sources, poached chicken, and are now attempting some kind of renal diet since the vet thinks her kidneys might be causing the issue (but hasn't ruled out other causes). She doesn't go outside far, often, or long enough to be getting food or tainted water out there.
She seemed a little better in the week since starting this food, but has vomited for two days again now. We've also been giving her Emperid (Metoclopramide) and some salmon oil which the vet suggested in case she is clogged with hair or something. We've already tried malt hairball paste prior to this. Only one batch of vomit has contained visible hair.
The vet tried to get a urine sample when she was last there but failed. He hasn't had much luck getting samples in general (had to attempt the blood test twice) as she's been very grumpy.
Next steps are probably a urine test and possibly a scan to see if she's obstructed in some way. I hope they will provide more answers, but wanted to see if anyone else has encountered this vile rotten egg vomit at seemingly random intervals as we're very worried about her. Sorry for the terrible formatting and post length.
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2022.01.23 09:44 adelin12ivascu iphone wallpaper

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2022.01.23 09:44 KingDoom7208 We can all relate to this right?

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