Nothing says 💎🙌 and 🦍🤲💪like not selling like a paperhanded Portnoy. I ain't going anywhere! until MOASS!!

2021.12.02 18:41 cg1899 Nothing says 💎🙌 and 🦍🤲💪like not selling like a paperhanded Portnoy. I ain't going anywhere! until MOASS!!

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2021.12.02 18:41 basketball_frog Should I trade in my ‘19 GTI and V8 4Runner for an AWD Maverick?

I’m in a pickle: I currently own about five cars. I’ve got a ‘19 GTI with a stick (daily), V8 4Runner (glamping/wheeling/outdoors rig), two project Miatas, and the gf’s hybrid. I am pretty sick of making payments on the GTI and insuring / registering the whole damn fleet, so I decided that I want to consolidate the GTI and 4Runner, and maybe one of my project Miatas into a daily that can go most places I take the 4Runner, but is thriftier than the GTI - critically, I also need a truck for hauling house stuff, bikes, etc. Would an AWD Maverick fill this role well enough? And would it make sense to option it out to put it on par with the GTI as far as tech / comfort is concerned?
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2021.12.02 18:41 cryptomemeboy Best Cardano Influencers to follow on Twitter?

I'm looking to get more into the Cardano Ecosystem and I want to fill my twitter feed with good Cardano content. Amy recommendations on who to follow?
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2021.12.02 18:41 Open-Season8313 Galaxy watch 4 taking over calls from vehicle head unit

I've done a bit of searching and it appears this has been an issue with wear OS watches for years. Basically when in my car taking a call it will start on the Bluetooth head unit, then will randomly jump over onto the Bluetooth watch.
It's pretty annoying and seems like such a basic error on androids part... But I'm yet to find a simple solution.
I have a pixel 6 pro, I had a S21U previously and don't recall this being a problem, so I think Samsung may have done some background bluetooth prioritisation or something to fix the issue. It seems to me that's the easy solution, i.e when two Bluetooth phone connections are available priorities them in this order 1. Head unit 2. Watch.
Anyone found a fix for this?
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2021.12.02 18:41 NoBrainButB00BS Memes with sound suck it doesn't make them more funny. Ans especially you cant watch them without Headphones in puplic or show them to friends in school.

Why do people Upload the same memes on Tiktok or somewhere else hust with anoying music or voiced?
There are memes which require sound (Oblivion NPC, Minecraft, some songs). But voiceing a meme over, speaking/acting the conversation etc. Doesnt make it any more fun.
Just hate it when ppl show me "funny Videos" especially during class when we have to be quite.
And these overused songs doesn't make anything more funny.
(Love YouTube Videos, short and long, because you only use YouTube when you have the time to do it. When I just wanna see some fun shit I want to open an App fast, look at some memes ans close it again
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2021.12.02 18:41 llamapajamamamav2 .

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2021.12.02 18:41 angeofleak Bunz: “they made me a bridge!”

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2021.12.02 18:41 RelativeAbrocoma9145 If you have a smartphone and an active email address, you can earn € 1000 per hour. You can earn € 13,000 per day Send me a message or DM via WhatsApp, click the link below for more information 👇👇👇

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2021.12.02 18:41 Ok_Base_9709 “ITs Cold 🥶 ouTside” DusTy DiGiTaLLy #MPC #Producers #hiphop

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2021.12.02 18:41 HikikomoriGodd The box has been contained.

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2021.12.02 18:41 romshavo18 Hello everyone, i have this walking stick made out of bullets from WW1. Can anyone guess how much it is worth in this conditon? It is not bent, but only discolored and the last bullet is damaged as the picture shows.

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2021.12.02 18:41 ImpressionSilent1610 Looks familiar

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2021.12.02 18:41 Voodoo_Clerk They're Trying to Send me Back to Sombra Rehab Center (Finale)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Trying to stumble out of bed, I just ended up landing on my face as I slipped on the same blanket that had just covered me up. Stumbling upon my feet I was met with Emily looking at me with confused raised brows. She was holding a tray of food for me and was clearly confused as to why I was so desperately trying to get out of bed.
“Sinclair is going to kill my brother!” I shouted at her, to which she nodded quickly and walked past me to place the tray of food on the nightstand next to my bed. Turning to me she reached into her pocket and pulled out a syringe which quickly sent me into a defensive stance. But she carefully raised her hands to calm me down.
“This isn’t what you think.” She told me quickly, offering me the needle which I quickly snatched from her. “When Nuse Taylor comes to check on you, stick her with this. It’ll knock her out for hours and give you a chance to escape.” She told me, her hands folded in front of her like a maid waiting to be dismissed.
“How am I supposed to do that?” I asked her, looking down at the needle and moving it to watch the liquid move around inside the syringe. She shrugged back at me. I could respect that. She handed me the tool I guess I had to figure it out from there. After she handed me the pills that I had no intention of taking we both went our separate ways. Gripping the needle tightly I ran several possible scenarios over in my head.
Dealing with Nurse Taylor would be a challenge since she would no doubt be expecting me to finish what I had started the last time we had come to blows. Not to mention once I was out of here how would I even go about dealing with Sinclair? I had caused him to die one time I doubt it would be so easy a second time. But how was I even going to get to that point? Sighing I gave myself a couple of soft slaps and stood up to go face whatever the hell I was gonna face.
Peeking out into the hall I quickly ran out and began making my way towards the entrance. Stopping and holding my breath whenever I heard so much as a squeak coming from the halls I slowly but surely made my way over towards the metal doors. Finding them open for once, I cautiously poked my head through them and took a quick look around the reception area.
“Where the hell is everyone?” I muttered to myself. Normally a nurse or husk or something would have crossed my path but I hadn’t seen anything on my entire trip over. Which was scarier than the thought of running into a nurse or even Sinclair. Stepping into the reception area and looking around I nodded to myself upon being sure that no one was there.
“I have no idea what you’re talking about officer.” Sinclair’s voice pulled my attention over towards the front doors. Taking a cautious step over, I managed to reach the doors and managed to look through the glass on them. Seeing Sinclair standing under his umbrella talking with Mark a few steps away. What Mark couldn’t see that I could from my position was Sinclair’s shadow curled up on his back and clutching his shoulders like he was being given a piggyback ride.
“Bull fucking shit, Sinclair. I know for a fucking fact she’s in here. Now step aside and give me my sister back.” Mark told him and put his hand on his holster. I could tell Sinclair really didn’t like that because his shadow friend gripped his shoulders tightly and raised his head over the man’s shoulder ever so slightly. I had to get to Mark before Sinclair did, so I went to quickly shove the doors open, only to be suddenly grabbed from behind.
“Going somewhere?” Nurse Taylor asked me as she put me in a chokehold. I choked out a snarl at her. Of course, she was going to be the one to try and stop me. Thrashing around with her I did my best to try and get the psycho nurse off of me. Thinking quickly, I managed to get it so her back was to the doors and slammed the both of us into it. The doors flew open and we tumbled right into Sinclair.
“What in the?!” He shouted out as he joined us in a comical tumble down to the floor. Looking up quickly I could see that Mark had his gun out and trained on us. Quickly I managed to get out of Taylor’s grip with a hard elbow into her chest. Right on the boob. She let out a scream and finally let go of me.
“Mark!” I screamed out as I managed to stand up from the mass of mangled psychos. He quickly reached out for me, but I was quickly pulled back to the ground as a pungent smell hit my nostrils all at once.
“You aren’t going anywhere.” Sinclair snarled. I looked back at him and let out a scream as I saw his shadow had grown massive and was in the process of pulling me back towards the rehab center. Looking around confused I saw that Sinclair had ditched his umbrella and was dusting himself off from the tumble he took with me. A part of me had believed that maybe the shadow would melt or dissolve in the sunlight. But this kinda made more sense in a way. Sunlight is what makes a shadow after all.
“V!” Mark shouted at me as he let off a few shots at first the shadow and then at Sinclar when he figured out that the shadow was attached to him. Sinclair seemed to show no care towards Mark as the shadow pulled me back into the rehab center. Screaming something fierce I clawed at the floor trying to keep myself from being dragged back in.
“I would advise you to forget about your junkie sister, officer. It will be better for us all.” Sinclair said as his shadow finally managed to get me back into the rehab center. Sinclair turned to enter with me, Nurse Taylor following after like the injured dog she was. Mark screamed out towards me one last time as the doors to the rehab center slammed shut behind us.
“I-I’m sorry, sir. S-she just got away from me.” Taylor said, looking up at Sinclair as his shadow shrunk back to its normal size and shoved me into a nearby waiting wheelchair. He looked back at her and fixed his cuffs. Once he was all finished fixing his look, he bitch smacked Nurse Taylor so hard I probably could’ve heard it from my room.
“You have failed time and time again, Taylor.” He told her, stepping over to her and looking down at her with the usual disgust that he reserved for patients like me. “Seems like I should put you out of your useless misery.” He told her, placing his foot on her head as she whimpered begging for him to spare her.
“Get off me!” I shouted at the shadow as it kept me pinned down in the wheelchair. Its hand kept my wrist on the arm wrists and its horrible pungent smell was threatening to have me vomit all over myself. It let out its gurgled giggle at me and started wheeling me away and towards the metal doors that separated the lobby from the rooms.
“Sinclair!” Mark’s voice shouted at us, causing everyone to turn towards the locked doors. The shadow dug its claws into my arms as it forced me to keep still in the chair. “You better give me back my fucking sister! Or else!” He shouted. I had never heard him that worked up in my entire life. Even when I was little and I almost burnt his room down.
“What can you possibly do to me, Officer?” Sinclair snuffed, putting his foot on Taylor’s head and starting to press down on it hard. Crossing his arms and putting in an arrogant manner and looking over towards the shadow. The creature gave him what I can only imagine was an affirmative gurgle and started wheeling me away. I dug my feet on the floor and put all my weight into trying to slow down the demon.
A sudden and loud crash suddenly resonated through the whole lobby as dust and debris started falling from the ceiling. I could’ve sworn that a bomb had gone off or something. Coughing up dust and staggering up from the wheelchair, I realized that the shadow has scurried away and had unhooked its claws from my wrists. Stumbling around I noticed flashing lights coming from the general direction of where the entrance used to be.
Stumbling closer I stood there in amazement as I saw my brother’s squad car staring back at me. The front end was bent up at a 90-degree angle and the sirens were wailing like a crying baby. Stumbling over to it, a hand reached out and grabbed me. I was seconds away from reaching into my pocket and grabbing the drugs that Emily had given me before the face behind the arm revealed itself.
“Mark!” I cried out as I shoved my face into his chest. He let out a shaky sigh and wrapped his arms tight around me. His hand patted my head and he started to pull me away from the rehab center. “H-how did you get out of the car so quickly?” I asked him as I wiped my eyes from the tears starting to stream down them.
He suddenly let out a hoarse chuckle and pointed over towards the squad car again. The door fell off its sides and a familiar friendly face tumbled out of it. “I’ve always wanted to do that.” Hannah chuckled as she stood up with just the slight hint of a wobble in her stance. I couldn't help but snort and motion for her to come over quickly.
She stumbled over and gave me a soft punch in the arm. Guess she wasn’t much of the hugging type. But I was so as payback I quickly wrapped my arms around her and gave her a tight squeeze. Looking up, I quickly grabbed her arm and started pulling her away as I saw another figure rising up from the rubble.
“You three are fucking dead.” Sinclair hissed, his posh voice gone and replaced with a rasping and scratchy voice. One that I remembered from when I had lit his painting on fire and he had decomposed before my eyes. Sinclair staggered out from the wreckage of the lobby and leaned his arm against the squad car to keep his balance. That was proving difficult as his left leg was dangling by a tendon.
“Dang, I hit him head-on.” Hannah snickered, obviously proud of herself and hell even I was proud of her. But a part of me was freaking out at the fact that we had not only damaged Sinclair’s property twice but now had also attacked him twice. And now he showed me that I really should be afraid of him. His shadow appeared from behind him and poked its head out from behind his own.
“Kill them.” He ordered the creature. Which nodded in agreement, its usual smile replaced with a terrifying scowl. Grabbing both of my saviors I quickly started dragging them out of the collapsing lobby. Mark fired off a couple of rounds into the shadow but it simply ate the bullets and lunged towards us, sailing through the air towards us. I was a few steps from the outside when it hit me that it wasn’t a good idea. If how giant the creature had become when we were outside was any indication, we were dead either way.
“Gimme that!” I quickly yelled at Mark, grabbing the gun from his hand. He instinctively almost decked me in the face, years on the job will do that to you, but seeing that it was me, he relented and handed over his pistol. I had some experience with shooting so I quickly took aim at Sinclair and shot off some rounds at him. The bullets struck the wounded bastard and caused him to lose his balance and crumple to the floor.
His shadow stopped mid-lunge and stared back at its master. It looked quickly at us but quickly it slithered back over to Sinclair. It wrapped itself around him and seemingly melted all over his body. We all took careful steps backward, still unsure as to what the duo would do. The Sinclair-Shadow combo staggered to their feet and started walking off into the rehab center. Raising a brow I fired a couple more shots in their direction but most and the one I did land seemed to not affect him at all.
“Well. The hell do we do now?” Mark asked. His mouth was ajar as he had just watched a demon shadow drape itself over a person and walk it out nonchalantly. “Do we follow him?” He asked, taking the gun from me and giving my head a soft smack for doing it. Before pulling me close again and holding me protectively.
“While I am partial to running as fucking far away as possible, we need to make sure he doesn’t cause us any more trouble.” I sighed rubbing my head as I looked around at the carnage we had caused. Looking over to Hannah I offered her a smile and reached into my pocket, handing her the phone I had used.
“Oh shit, I forgot about this.” She chuckled, taking it and unlocking it. “Well, I guess I gotta follow you kids and babysit ya. Can’t have you two running off by yourselves.” She said, reaching down and grabbing a mangled chair leg as her weapon. Mark reached into his packs and fished us out something a bit more useful than a chair leg.
“Who wants mace and who wants the club?” He asked each of us. I got first dibs on the mace while Hannah was more than happy to accept the club. Armed and ready we followed after the shambling corpse. Wasn’t that hard since it had left us a putrid trail to follow. Walking through the halls we saw that the shadow was struggling to keep Sinclair alive since we kept also passing big puddles of blood along with giant black puddles.
“What the fuck is he?” Mark asked as we kept following the trail. All of us flinching at the slightest creak. I didn’t have much of an answer for him. All I had to go on was what he had told me during the electro-shock therapy. And from that, all I gather was that he was a veteran from the first world war. Still had no clue where the shadow had come from.
“He’s an asshole, that’s what.” Hannah butt in. Peeking into a room and quickly closed the door when we saw a hanging body inside the room. “Correction. Major, asshole.” She sighed, slapping the club against her palm as we continued to follow the trail. I thought over in my head the shit I had been through. Everything I had overcome. And to my own credit, I had no desire for a pain killer.
“Uh. It stopped,” Mark said as we suddenly came to the end of the trail. It seemingly just came to a dead stop and didn’t continue. Looking up at the ceiling I was grateful not to see him up there. We all looked around and checked the surrounding rooms, but there was no sign of Sinclair, the shadow, or even a drop of goo. There was nothing.
“Fuck.” I said, which really just summed up the entire situation. “We should check his office. It’s our best bet.” I got some worried looks from Hannah and a shrug from Mark. I understood Hannah’s reservations as she was still no doubt suffering from a concussion. Reaching over and taking her hand I nodded at her and then at Mark.
“Lead the way, sister.” He told me, nodding and checking behind us to ensure the bastard wasn’t planning an attack from behind. We all made our way through the same halls we had just been through. Though this time we were no doubt on the defense. Sinclair could attack us at any moment and it left the air with a tense atmosphere that wasn’t helped by the musk emanating from the trail at our feet.
“Up ahead,” I said as we round the corner and headed towards the staff-only area. This place still had the charred remains that the fire had happened. But surprisingly it had already been fixed up for the most part. Only the roof had any proof that the fire had ever taken place. Lucky for us the doors that normally would’ve kept us out of the staff-only area hadn’t been replaced, so we easily walked into it.
“Which one is it?” Mark asked as he kept his gun trained on any place where Sinclair may have been. Motioning towards the bastard’s office we all entered it and were ready to throw down. Only to find no one there. Well so much for that idea.
“Get out of his office!” A shrieking voice told as Nurse Taylor lunged at me, plunging a scalpel into my shoulder as we both tumbled down to the office floor. Taylor hadn’t come out of the car crash unscathed as a large portion of her face had been sliced off. Her muscles were visible to me as she stabbed me over and over. I hacked and gagged, fighting her and trying to get the psycho nurse off of me. Mark quickly came over and tried prying her off of me as she kept an iron grip on me.
“Y-you psycho bitch!” I screamed at her as I clawed at her damaged face. She let out a shriek as her attacks and grip on me loosened and Mark was able to yank her off of me. Hannah quickly ran over to me to assess the damage. She tried to not tell me how bad it was, but judging by the face she made when she saw me, I could tell it wasn’t good.
“It’s okay, V.” She told me as she took her sweater off and shoved it into my stab wounds causing me to cry out in pain. She apologized and kept up the pressure to keep me from bleeding out. Mark meanwhile was certainly taking out his anger on Taylor as he was busy committing police brutality on her. My head began to feel woozy as I could feel a wet puddle getting bigger beneath me, I was gonna die here in Sombra. My eyelids grew heavier as the world grew quiet and distant. Muffled voices were my only companions as I nearly shut my eyes.
Suddenly a loud crash pulled me back to the living as Mark went flying into the wall behind us. Hannah barely managed to look behind her as she too was sent flying right into Mark. Moving my eyes over I managed to open them wide to see Sinclair standing in the entrance to his office, holding up Taylor by her throat. Any damage that we had done to him had been repaired.
“Thank you for your services, Nurse Taylor. But effective immediately you no longer work here.” He told her, his shadow emerging from the floor and giving a happy gurgle as it laid eyes on Taylor.
“S-sir! P-please, I’ve done everything for you!” She pleaded as the shadow got closer to her, caressing her face and seemingly playing with its meal. She thrashed and tried to pull herself away from it as it opened up its maw. “Please! I love you!” She screamed out.
“Shame. If only someone cared at all about you.” Sinclair told her as the shadow took a bite out of Taylor’s head and she finally went limp. Sinclair tossed her lifeless body to the side and allowed his shadow to feast on it as we walked over to me. I reached for my can of mace only for him to step on my arm.
“Get away from my sister!” Mark shouted, his gun going off. Sinclair obviously paid no attention to him as his shadow quickly slithered over and protected its master from the oncoming projectiles. The owner of Sombra leaned over me and looked at the wounds inflicted on me. His shadow slithered down and reached its hand over to touch my wounds. Causing me to scream out in pain as the smell of burning and rotting flesh made me gag and nearly puke my brains out.
“Get up. I want all of you to leave.” Sinclair told us as he stood up and walked over to his desk. I looked down at my body and saw that the wounds that Taylor had done to me were completely gone. Looking over at him I watched as he sat down at his desk and his shadow handed him a cigar from the box on his desk.
“Wha?” That was all I could say as I struggled to my feet. Mark and Hannah rushed to me to check if I was alright. Sinclair placed the cigar in his mouth as his shadow lit the item for him. He reached over and opened his drawer to pull out a checkbook.
“I’m going to pay all of you to keep quiet about what happens here. You’ve all proven that you’re much too troublesome to deal with.” He told us, the shadow handing him a pen as it giggled. Sitting behind his desk I could tell that he was really sick and tired of us.
“Why would we ever accept money from you? Let alone stay quiet.” I told him, helped to my feet by Mark. Hannah beating her club and more than ready to go and throw hands with the undead Sombra owner.
“Because I’ll ensure you keep getting paid for your silence. You aren’t the first people I deemed far too troublesome to deal with,” He sneered, his pen beginning to write on the checks. “Every crisis this country has had, I have been there. During the Great Depression, I was there to offer homeless people a place to live. No one ever cared what happened to them afterward. During the AIDS epidemic, I offered people stupid enough to suffer from the disease a place to live. Nobody questioned what happened to them. And now, during this opioid crisis, nobody cares what happens to you disgusting addicts.” He told us, ripping the checks from the book and handing them to the shadow.
“You’re…nothing but a parasite.” I accused him. To which he scoffed and took a puff from his cigar, setting the item in a nearby ashtray. “Preying on people just to keep yourself alive.” I accused him, to which he just gave me a shrug.
“I have associates that fit the bill of parasite far better than I do.” He told us, the shadow coming over and handing us each the check that had been written for us. The number of zeros made my eyes go wide as I looked back up at him. “That is a down payment with smaller installments coming to you three if you continue your silence.”
“You can’t buy our silence you freak,” Hannah said, already trying to rip hers up. Only to find that she couldn’t so much as put a tiny tear into the slip of paper. Mark was also trying to tear his check up but to no avail. I looked down at mine and then to Sinclair.
“How can I be sure you don’t come after us?” I asked him. He raised his brow as he blew out a puff of smoke from his mouth. Tapping the ash off from the cigar and setting it back in the ashtray.
“Unlike a certain acquaintance of mine, I have neither the time nor the will to expend my energy chasing failed projects. I’ll make sure to wipe your police records clean and act like you never even set foot inside of Sombra.” He told me, his shadow nodding in agreement.
“V, you can’t seriously be thinking about accepting anything from him!” Mark shouted at me, causing me to look at him and then down at the money. It was more than I could use in a lifetime and I was going to be getting more. Enough to move out, start a life. Everything.
“Your ‘associates, they won’t come after us?” I asked the suited man as he puffed away like a dragon ready to belch fire at us at any moment. He scoffed and the shadow let out a giggle with him. Clearly, I had said something that seemed immensely stupid to them.
“They could care less about my affairs and I care little for theirs. You have nothing to fear from them. Now, if the questions are done. Get the fuck out of my sight before I change my mind.” He shooed us away. I looked at Mark and Hannah and then at the check. And turning to leave, I walked into Nurse Emily as I was about to exit the office.
“Please follow me to exit.” She bowed respectfully, looking back at me with a smile. The way she smiled was exactly like how Taylor smiled at me when I first arrived at Sombra. Seems Sinclair already had a new head nurse. We left in silence as Emily led us away. I handed over the syringe she had given me since I had no need for it. And I left Sombra a free woman.
Mark wasn’t happy about the choice I had made and refused to so much as talk to me for over a month. Until he eventually got the guts to give me an earful about what had happened. But we’ve made up since then. He and Gloria never did go out together. She went missing one day, heard she had been sneaking drugs from the evidence room. Mark eventually got promoted to her position and spends a lot more time at work. But we still find time to hang out when we need to.
Hannah and I became best friends after we left Sombra. She relapsed a couple of times but at the time of writing this she’s been clean a couple of months and I couldn’t be prouder of her. She works as one of those people who goes around and tells kids that drugs are bad. She’s gotten in trouble for her colorful language but her message gets through with the kids.
As for me, I haven’t so much as looked at a painkiller since leaving Sombra. Despite having more money than I could ever spend I work at a little bookstore near where I live. It's nice and quiet and way better than being at Sombra or college. But I still look back at Sombra with fear and shame. Shame at taking the money and just running away.
I find myself driving to Sombra and staring at the building. And every time I do, Sinclair stands there at the entrance, under his umbrella. His shadow gives me a happy smile and a wave. I drive away with guilt in shame. Shame that I survived and took the money to run away with it.
If you’re an addict. Please. Stay away from Sombra Rehab Center.
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2021.12.02 18:41 sponsoredbycashapp Judd says Wilfs have been doing “due diligence” on candidates for both coach and GM

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2021.12.02 18:41 Commercial-Honey758 Is orochi viable

Was thinking of playing orochi but I read that he was rly predictable and not rly good. I'm still low rep but I would rather main a champ that is viable later in the game. If he's not rly good what hero would be worth maining ?
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2021.12.02 18:41 Lilmagex2324 SCH. How would you rate it?

So my friend is on a rant about how SCH is once again getting shafted in another expansion. How would you rate SCH's placement in terms of not only usefulness compared to other healers but visually in terms of how cool their skills look? I'd like your opinion on both Shadowbringer's high end raids and content as well as what SCH mains think going into competing with Sages going into Endwalker. I don't play SCH but from what I've seen over the expansions people are just bored of them and they seem to be the butt of a lot of jokes every time.
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2021.12.02 18:41 VoiceofNonsense What's something you want to add to your world that you don't know how to justify it being there? Maybe we can help.

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2021.12.02 18:41 PlagueSquirrel Wotlk classic, how does the flying costs work ?

I know its a bit early do think about wotlk classic but since there's not that much to do in TBC right now for me and my friends we were considering leveling some characters in preparation for wotlk classic (if it comes one day). I was asking myself how does the flying costs work in WOTLK ? Specifically, do you have to buy slow flying or epic flying from TBC to purchase woltk flying or can you bank some extra cash while leveling for it to be easier at wotlk? These characters won't be played as much apart from the leveling process so there's no rush for the flying if its not needed for wotlk
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2021.12.02 18:41 jewpacshakurr Trending Penny Stocks For Your Watchlist Next Week

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2021.12.02 18:41 Gr0mHellscream1 USA! 🇺🇸They are #1 it’s known! Have some pride in hometown and home country :)

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2021.12.02 18:41 nickershaw Aquariums helped save my life!

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2021.12.02 18:41 FriskyBoomin I have two monitors both connected to their respective ports but something is wrong

I have both connected but everytime i try turning my pc only 1 turns on, the other just stays on the orange light and has no signal, as i repeat both of them are connected and they have their drivers up to date but weird thing is that the monitor thats not working doesent shows up in device manager
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2021.12.02 18:41 SlyStallionx Is she being kind or sending signals?

So there’s this girl at my high school which I’m not sure is joking with me or giving signals. I’m 16m, she’s also 16.
We’re decent friends. I wouldn’t say we’re close, but we hang out occasionally and she hugs me every time we’re together. One time she asked me to confirm that I was hers in front of her friends and I said I was her friend. I didn’t think much of these stuff till last week when we said goodbye and she said she loved me while I was leaving. Im quite introverted and usually read during breaks and it takes a lot of time for me to get comfortable with people (a few weeks to years depending on the person) so I’m not sure what she means by these gestures and remarks.
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2021.12.02 18:41 Randy6T9 Donald Trump Already Sold 100,000 Copies of Book, 50 Times More than Chris Christie Book

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