Rate my team!

2021.10.24 08:21 Fergabombavich Rate my team!

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2021.10.24 08:21 TheCassiniProjekt A while back I dreamed that I shouldn't be a musician

This was a Star Trek inflected dream, I was following Captain Sisko to the lift to go to ops. On the way I saw a "crusty" stoner dude with dreadlocks. In the lift Sisko turned to me and said "you shouldn't be a musician, you're star fleet and an officer, it's not your scene" or something like that. The thing is in reality I love music and have invested a significant portion of my existence into it, granted I never fit into any scene or group but that's across the board, not just music.
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2021.10.24 08:21 Yuri_Yslin Playing Ninja Gaiden Black for the first time :) Some UT advice needed

Playing Ninja Gaiden Black for the first time :) Some UT advice needed Playing as intended on my lovely CRT using the proper hardware :)
So far normal difficulty isn't giving me much trouble:
- beat the 1st boss on 2nd attempt (quickly noticed walljumping works great against him)
- beat 2nd boss on 4th attempt (wasn't aware how to use UTs back then lol, and I screwed my walljumping a LOT...)
- beat the 3rd boss without losing HP in like 2 mins (really easy?)
- beat the plant thing on 1st try (just spammed flying sparrow without a second of thought?)
- beat the library challenge in 2nd try, 1 small HP potion used though - wind run to tempest after blocking the overhead swing of the scythe dude, nothing could really hit me except if I did it BEFORE blocking, because he'd sometimes hit me in the air - that's how I died 1st time, was too eager to push buttons

I like the game a lot, I tend to use a rather limited arsenal of techniques:
- "just block" to izuna vs soldiers, must be done quickly or I get grabbed
- "just block" to counter vs. ninjas with moving a lot to avoid getting grabbed, I don't see them using grabs if I continuously leap around holding the block trigger?
- just shuriken vs bats
- mostly wind run, guilottine throw and tempest (Lunar walljump attack) in tight spaces and against frustrating bosses
- flying sparrow in certain situations (the move doesn't work like I want a lot of the time so despite its power I'm not really overly happy with it - isn't that why people say it doesn't work on higher difficulty? and the recovery takes 1 million years)
Can't wait for the electric power to fry big rooms of enemies :) fire ninpos seem rather disappointing so far? Also, how do I upgrade those?
On UT:
I know UT spam is being recommended but I have some trouble getting it to work, mostly because I can't see what essense dropped when leaping around with this camera. So I often don't know if I'm going to get lvl2 charge (UT) or just lvl1 when attempting UT.
Another thing I suck at with UT is getting the first charge lol. I find it so far easier to just block/dodge and look for an opening for izuna (which is rather safe in general) rather than fishing for essences and trying to land the UT. The time window for an UT is also pretty small, I know you can jump UT to skip a few frames but I often get smacked when jumping/charging like that. Any ideas how to improve this?
Oh, and this may sound stupid but I don't want to watch any videos. I dislike watching other people play and give me an easy solution. Writing about it feels different than just copying someone.
Cheers NGB fans!
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2021.10.24 08:20 Ok-Guard1409 Are there any cigarette brands or cigarette packs with rifles or guns on it?

I think they could look cool but I’ve never seen any so maybe somebody knows
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2021.10.24 08:20 Fnerdel Do not tell me FM isn't realistic

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2021.10.24 08:20 _chrissant Imagining a future where Ski Tees are as common as Band Tees. Starting with the “All Skiing Eye” - available in 3 colors.

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2021.10.24 08:20 The_Intellectualist Should I learn Assembly x86_64?

I've been trying to learn about memory exploitation so I thought the learning assembly would help me to get a better understanding of how things work under the hood, Eventually after surfing internet a little bit I came across this playlist on youtube
But I could understand registers and what they are (2nd video) Should I continue to learn it in details or its just a waste of time?
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2021.10.24 08:20 quote_emperor cartolina-aforisma-leonardo-da-vinci-30

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2021.10.24 08:20 Gxmmy How to avoid?

I'm terrified of food poisoning does anybody have tips on how to avoid it?
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2021.10.24 08:20 Lilly_s55 gm

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2021.10.24 08:20 melltuga Kostenlose Kindle Bücher?

im Fantasie Subreddit gibt es ja immer wieder Fäden zu kostenlosen Büchern der Kindle / Amazon Plattform. Gibt es für den deutschsprachigen Raum irgendwo eine Sammlung der kostenlosen Bücher? Die, die mir bei Amazon angezeigt werden sind alle, mit Verlaub, in meinen Augen ziemlicher Rotz, wohingegen es im englischsprachigen Bereich häufig auch von etwas bekannteren SchriftstellerÏnnen mal Bücher gibt ...
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2021.10.24 08:20 No1allrnd Fastest 1/4 Mile drag car

What is the fastest car (tuned) for quarter mile drag races? Am currently using a ferrari that does a cool wheelie, but after coming to the realization only I can see it anyway I'm looking for something that will win more consistantly. Thanks!
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2021.10.24 08:20 Nicknsfw18 PIC

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2021.10.24 08:20 Miiohau BotWorldProblems tells todayilearned-SSI to take a break from the internet.

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2021.10.24 08:20 astrea_stars 💚🧙🏻‍♀️ ASMR Energy Pulling - Witch Steals Your Youth Roleplay 💚 Hand Movements, Personal Attention [Roleplay] [Intentional]

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2021.10.24 08:20 ticaret Kıbrıscık İkinci El Plastik Su Deposu | Sahibinden Satılık İkinci El Satışı Fiyatları ❣️

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2021.10.24 08:20 rambock03 Fifa 22 Traiding und Teambau Tipps

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2021.10.24 08:20 Steveelectric907 Americans of reddit, why are you up right now?

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2021.10.24 08:20 wbb22 [WTB] M85/M92 Lower Handguard Retainer $60 (NC)

I figured the price and posting rule applies for WTB also.
Will pay $20 $60 for a lower handguard retainer for the M92. M85 should work fine as well.
I didn’t realize these were hard to find by themselves. If you were thinking about getting an SLR rail this is a good down payment on that OR we can work out a cash price on my end and I can include the upper and lower Magpul Zhukov handguards which require the lower retainer to be removed. This could be a placeholder until you get a rial or hell this may be the setup you’re looking for.
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2021.10.24 08:20 Grubzer Having trouble setting up cuda with Clion

I am trying to set up cuda compiler in clion, using cl.exe from VS Build tools, but i get this error:
Cannot run program "cl.exe" (in directory "F:\Files\Programming projects\CUDA01\cmake-build-debug-vs-build-tools"): CreateProcess error=2, File not found
Did anyone experience same problem? Why is it trying to execute compiler in build directory???
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2021.10.24 08:20 Tough_Sure Upgrading weapons

If I buy a weapon when I’m at level 50 can I upgrade it any further?
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2021.10.24 08:20 ResubmissionBot [Update] SignTools (formerly ios-signer-service) v2.5.3 now supports tweak injection

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2021.10.24 08:20 ludovico-2 Bulgurlu tokatlıyorum

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2021.10.24 08:20 EriehOfTheCae What do you gromies think? 2 Amnesia Haze photos week 8 flower. I wanted to harvest next saturday but I just checked and found out seed bank claims 10-11 weeks flowering time. Looking for strong head high rather than couch lock.

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2021.10.24 08:20 Gaudio590 Anyone else having this issue with the ice textures?

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